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Over the past 30 years, I have helped countless companies such as multinationals, SMEs and also my own start-ups to successfully position their business areas in the market and to scale them strongly and efficiently in their segment, both nationally and internationally.

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Do you want to increase your company growth strongly and profitably nationally and internationally with proven strategies?

Here are just a few topics,
that you can expect in our hands-on mentoring programs:


We will help you identify your specific goals and challenges and develop a customized strategy to transform your vision and grow your business.


We will analyze your finances together and draw up a detailed financial plan to ensure that with careful planning you can not only achieve your financial goals directly but also reach them.

Strategy & Method

We will introduce you to proven methods and strategies that have already been used by other successful companies to successfully implement your vision in the market or to greatly increase the growth of your company and increase your profitability.

Technology & Tools

We will show you how you can use technology and tools to realize your vision and improve your strategy and organization as a company so that you can grow and expand efficiently and quickly.

Brand & Branding

We will show you how to successfully market your vision and build your brand in order to clearly differentiate yourself from your competitors and successfully develop your brand into a brand leader in your market.

What our customers say...

About Stephan Seitz

Stephan Seitz is a growth and expansion expert for entrepreneurs who want to successfully build up their own company nationally and internationally or scale their already successful start-up internationally in a secure and predictable manner.

He himself is a successful businessman who is active in various areas of the corporate world. Thanks to his experience and expertise, he has managed to use his knowledge in various companies and make them successful.

In addition to his successes in large corporations, Stephan Seitz has also significantly built up the market in Europe for medium-sized companies. His knowledge and skills in strategic planning and implementation have contributed to the fact that e.g. Peach Office Supplies has been successfully established from Switzerland in the Austrian, German and Hungarian wholesale markets and has grown into a real brand in office supplies in recent years. Nurun Digital Media, a digital media group with Canadian roots, expanded not only in the early days of the Internet in France in 2000, but also in other European markets in his role as Head of European Strategy and is now one of the largest global players in the digital media landscape. In his very young years, he not only successfully built up Hoechst Specialty Chemicals, Pigments & Additives in the Indonesian market, but also opened up new export channels for local products in Southeast Asian countries.

In addition to his experience in the corporate world, Stephan Seitz is also a successful founder of small businesses. His 16East Led Lights brand is particularly noteworthy here, which he was able to place among the top ten best-selling products in Germany and other EU countries in wholesale in 2011. He lives out his passion for investment properties in his real estate company seitzinvest, which he founded specifically for this purpose in 2019 and which successfully completes transactions in the 6-digit range throughout Germany.

Ultimately, everything always started with a founding vision, says Stephan Seitz, which was of course successfully implemented in the market with ups and downs.

His ability to understand complex business models and develop successful sales strategies has helped all companies to strengthen their position in the market and grow successfully

His commitment, creativity and strategic skills have helped him to succeed in the business world and make companies successful.

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